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Standard equipment



  • axel 3, 4

  • wheel base approx. 5,6m

  • min front axle capacity 9t

  • equipped with power take off (PTO) engine / gear


  • made of high tensile steel

  • sandblasted, prime and top coated for maximum resistance against corrosion

  • fixed to the truck frame acc. to manufacturer ´s specification

Crane boom

  • without extension

  • max. lifting capacity of main crane jib - 33t

  • max. lifting angle 32°

  • preparation for 1 winch

Lifting boom with underlift

  • made of high tensile steel plates

  • fitted with extendable hydraulically operated underlift

  • two extensions

  • underlift supplied with tilting arm with angle +19° -12°

  • maximal loading capacity of main boom with underlift - retracted on pin 17t, extended 8t 


  • 1pc of winch, 12t Sepson Sepdurance H120

  • rope length 60m

  • rope diameter 16mm

Hydraulic system

  • oil tank 100l

  • hydraulic pump with connection to PTO

  • working pressure in hydraulic system 20MPa

  • oil flow 50-80l/min

  • 1 distributor (5 sections + 2 sections for support legs)

Optional equipment


  • Towing equipment

  • Accessories

  • Back support legs


  • Manual central greasing

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