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Den kommende model ET5000, er meget lige med vores model ET6000.
Når de endelige nye data for ET5000 er tilgængelige, fremkommer disse på denne side.


Standard equipment


  • axel 2

  • wheel base approx. 5,0m

  • equipped with power take off (PTO) engine / gear

  • long sleeping cabine

  • total vehicle weight up to 14,99 – 16,0 t

  • wheels 19 “


  • made of high tensile steel

  • sandblasted, prime and top coated for maximum resistance against corrosion

  • hot-dip galvanised

  • fixed to the truck frame acc. to manufacturer ´s specification

  • complete strengthening of chassis

Tilting frame

  • made of high tensile steel

  • sandblasted, hot-dip galvanised

  • tilting by 2 hydraulic cylinders

  • max tilting angle 15°

Support legs

  • hydraulic support legs on the back

  • back angle 15°

  • max. extension 290mm

  • made of high tensile steel  

  • independently and hydraulically operated

  • toothed spades for maximum grip

  • cylinders with hydraulic locks

  • centre distance  approx. 1035mm

  • outer edge distance approx 1250mm

SCC - Second car carrier

  • telescopic extension 1500 mm

  • lifting capacity extended 2t

  • preparation for assembly of fixed winch


  • length 6765mm

  • width 2450mm

  • anti-skid surface, checker plate

  • anchoring eyes 6 pcs each side

  • wheel holders

  • rollers 4pcs

  • preparation for assembly of 1 sliding winch


  • hight flyer


  • Sepson Sepdurance H60 fix, rope length 30m, rope diameter 14mm, towing ball ISO 50-X, bush against weather conditions, guide pulley

  • Sepson Sepdurance H60 sliding, rope length 30m, rope diameter 14mm, sliding 1000mm, towing ball ISO 50-X, bush against weather conditions, guide pulley

Body panels

  • made of stainless steel thickness 3mm

  • hanging brackets

  • rubber mats thickness 23mm

  • anti-spray mudflaps (beside G chassis)

  • lights turn on automatic by PTO

  • compartment for hydraulic distributor

  • up to 6 pcs of compartments with lockable doors with key, with rubber strip sealing

  • inside hinges made of stainless steel thickness 5mm

  • easy access to fuel tank and Ad Blue

  • storage box in floor 1 pc

  • towing ball

Hydraulic system

  • oil tank 35l

  • hydraulic pump with connection to PTO

  • working pressure in hydraulic system 20MPa

  • oil flow 46l/min

  • distributor 9 sections, with custom made hoses

  • manual central greasing

Electric system

  • tailor made electrical box - ESSELTRONIC

  • remote control

  • working lights 4pcs

  • orange lights on sides 4 pcs on each side of platforms and 6 pcs on each side of body panels

  • flashing lights in front 4pcs, on back 2pcs, on flyer 4pcs

  • light bar on the flyer 1,4m

  • combined auto lights on flyer

  • control of lights from cabin, from the remote control, from the distributor

  • end stops bottoms

Optional equipment


  • crane installation, base frame for crane

  • towing equipment

  • accessoires


  • air drums

Body panels

  • central lock system

  • heating

  • inner painting

  • polished fenders


  • extra rotating beacons

  • extra working lights

  • extra flashing lights

  • extra side lights

  • radio control

  • camera on flyer and on underlift

  • light bar on a cabin

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